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Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Merino wool is the wool sourced from a specific strain of sheep, the Merino breed. Merino sheep historically originated from Spain, but nowadays you can also find them in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand among other places, as they seem to be slowly conquering the world.

We use soft, unspun Merino wool. This basically means the wool thread is in the ‘largest’ form someone could find it in, conveniently the most ideal form for Chunky Knit creations! The price tag for Merino wool tends to be higher to much higher than for any other type of wool. This is not just due to the outgoing and friendly attitude of Merino sheep (although we do admit they have a charming smile and flare) but to the many benefits this type of wool boasts.

A natural fibre that is seductively soft, hypoallergenic, very warm yet so breathable, elastic as well as a temperature regulating wonder, and very importantly, also fairly resistant to small stains and odours, among other things!

The time it takes to create a Super Chunky Knit item depends on the item requested and its size.

For example, without considering the time needed to prepare the wool for knitting which is a small process in itself, a small throw can take up to 1 day to knit, whereas a large one can take up to 2 days.

All our items here at Gods Gifts Boutique are crafted by hand and made to order. Therefore the exact time of delivery of an item to you depends on what is in stock, and how busy the time of year is. It will usually take up to a week to dispatch any order.

If for some reason we do not have the specific color of merino wool, or the specific type of wood you fancy in stock, dispatch could take up to 3 weeks. To know a more exact dispatch date, please email us with your request and we promise to get back to you very soon.

If you need your item dispatched ASAP for any reason, again please do contact us here directly. We promise we will try to do the best we can to get it to you in time if that is possible.

Here at Gods Gifts Boutique we are not interested in squeezing money out of shipping expenses and we always aim to find the best possible shipping price for you. For this reason we have flat rates for specific destinations.

To see how much an item will cost, head over to our shop, choose an item, add it to your shopping basket, and then add your shipping address to the shopping cart.

Our Shipping Calculator will do the rest for you, and will present you with the exact shipping options and fares.

We have worked hard to ensure our customers are offered as many secure payment options as possible. We have partnered with the current leaders in the industry in order to ensure the outmost safety and security of transactions made through our website.

We therefore currently accept secure card payments through Paypal and Stripe, giving you the option of using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB cards, as well as Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Klarna, Multibanco, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT, Pay24 and WeChat Pay.

Regarding our Chunky Knit Creations specifically

As we only use un-spun Merino wool to ensure you enjoy all its benefits, these items can often need some specific maintenance tactics.

With time, small little balls (aka pills) are created by the force of friction. This is not a defect, actually it happens to all authentic wool products and is a sign you have purchased the real thing. The pills formed over time can be removed by either pulling them gently with your fingers, or shaving them off and then patting the chunky knit item down. Do this in the same way you would pat a sweet purring cat.

The more you use your blanket, more pills or soft little balls of wool will be created. However, this also means the fibers will tighten even more, ultimately making the pill amount decrease, and your chunky knit more invincible through time.

We do not recommend washing any of our Chunky Merino Creations them as this will ‘felt’ them. To avoid ‘felting’ we only recommend dry cleaning them when needed.

If a small drop or splash of tea/coffee reaches your item, you can simply spot clean it by blotting with cold water.

Regarding our Handcrafted Wood Creations specifically

The idea here is simple and straightforward.

First and foremost, do not immerse in water or leave these items wet under any circumstances, in order to enjoy them for a long, long time.

Only hand ‘wash’/clean any Handcrafted Wood Creation using a cloth and a small quantity of water and basic plain soap.

Make sure you dry the item completely after ‘washing’/cleaning, using a plain dry soft cloth or towel.

Cutting boards, chopping boards, serving boards and butcher’s blocks can be maintained well by applying food safe mineral oils every 3 months following regular use.

For more specific situations, stains and issues, please contact usdirectly with details so we can give you the most appropriate advice and solutions.

Indeed we can! Gods Gifts Boutique is all about handcrafted custom-made designs using natural materials. We have access to an extensive colour pallet and we are open to creating any unique Chunky Knit Creation.

Whether it is size, colour, or adding a little more to your Chunky Knit Creation (e.g. pompoms or anything else you fancy), all you have to do is get in touchwith us so we can make it happen for you!

Off course we can! In fact, specifically regarding our Handcrafted Wood Creations, besides some designs we already have in stock for sale, we also showcase some of the items we have already sold on our Shop page.

We do this to give you an idea of what has already been asked by, and designed for, some of our most precious customers.

This way you can envision what we could make for you, handcrafting the exact type of exotic wood(s) that tickles your fancy, and designing any item you desire specifically to your request and liking.

So have a look, and get in touch with us to discuss what you envision your dream keepsake or jewellery box, lighting, homeware or kitchenware wood creation to look like.

We promise to do our best to find the most ideal, appropriate and specific piece(s) of wood that you have in mind in order to materialize your wish. There is absolute beauty and value in creating something that is bound to last for generations to come.

Something  for you to delight in, and then for your grandchildren, or great grandchildren to enjoy and remember you by.

There are various different sizes of throws, blankets or bed runners to cover your every taste and need! You can read all about it in a recent blog post on our Blog. 

Sure you can! Feel free to indulge yourself with more than one items. In fact you can order as many as your heart desires.

The only thing to bear in mind is that all our products at Gods Gifts Boutique, our Chunky Knit Creations and our Handcrafted Wooden Creations, are 100% natural, processed as little as possible and always hand made to order.

Unlike mass produced items, each item we stock is therefore unique in its own right. This also means that no two items will ever look as identical as two factory-made products may look.

If you have any questions that have not been answered in this FAQ section, just reach out to us here and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.