Fun facts about knitting

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post fun facts about knitting

Here are some fun facts about knitting that you might not know … I know I didn’t!

  1. Nobody knows exactly how old knitting is. The only thing we know is that knitting is younger than weaving, but older than crocheting.
  2. Knitting was originally only for men. The first Knitting Union was organized in Paris in 1527. Women were… not allowed to join!
  3. Knitting used as a record-breaking pastime. Runner David Badcock broke a Guinness World Record on his Kansas Marathon Run. While running, he simultaneously knitted a 3.6m scarf. Following that, in 2012 the Royal Albert Hall was filled with knitters. A record was set with the most people knitting simultaneously ever recorded. Finally, the fastest knitter on record is Miriam Tegels from the Netherlands. Miriam is able to knit 118 stitches in 1 minute!
  4. It is healthy to knit. Knitting relieves stress, improves motor function, and prevents arthritic diseases. Oh, and don’t forget that half an hour of knitting can help you burn up to 55 calories!
  5. Some celebrities love knitting. Well-known knitting enthusiasts include Ryan Gosling, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Robin Williams, Uma Thurman, Kate Middleton, Russell Crow, Audrey Hepburn, Alan Turing – to name but a few!
  6. Knitting has earned its own place in war and spy games. During WWI women had a duty to knit socks, scarves and caps for the soldiers. During WWII people were banned from posting kitting patterns. There has been one noted occasion of knitting patterns containing secret codes. The Belgian Resistance had recruited old women whose houses overlooked the railway tracks and yards to note the trains in their knitting patterns. Basic stuff – purl one for this type of train, drop one for that type of train. J
  7. Some sheep carry enough wool to warm up more than a couple basketball teams. Back in 2015 the Australian RSPCA rescued “Chris the Sheep” and gave him a massive, Guinness World Record haircut. It took shearing champion Ian Elkins 45 minutes to shear 41kg of wool off Chris in order to help him stand on his four legs! Big Ben from New Zealand previously held this record. Nearly 29kg of wool were sheared of him in 2014.


Interesting to note, the wool that Chris ‘The Australian Sheep’ carried was equivalent to that needed to make 13 single wool-knit blankets. Go Chris!


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