Protect Your Loved Ones

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A heartfelt message to all of you .. Protect Your Loved Ones.

As I reflect on the current state of Our World I felt a need to share with you my thoughts and feelings.

While we currently all seem to face substantial changes in our life as we know it so far; I could not help but see some positive rays of light, glimmering through the cracks of the current Global Emergency.

Seeing posts of you helping the elderly, the frail and those among us who find it difficult to care for themselves, in any way you can. Feeling the kindness that people can and do  exhibit through simple, selfless acts. Like for example choosing to only shop the goods you need at the grocery store, leaving something for those that follow after you. Seeing families reuniting. Having time to re-bond, enjoy each other and re-establish what family and friendship means to all of us. Joining together as one, online or in physical presence, even though the distance that separates our yards and balconies to cheer on those putting themselves in the first line to protect and serve the rest of us. Mindfully attending to our furry friends. Those animals in need which current restrictions of movement or advice thereof, has put in vulnerable positions.

I obviously also see the other news. However, in these challenging times we must not forget to highlight those acts of selfless  beauty that define us all as humans.

As I sit in my small studio working; staying in as we all should in order to help each other overcome this new challenge; I find that it is inspiration, inventiveness and creativity that keep me going. So I create and will continue to do so, in every form and shape.

I send wishes of health and well-being to all of you. I hope the world can quickly heal and for life to resume in better and brighter form than ever before. My heartfelt message to all of you: Protect Your Loved Ones.

With love & blessings,