Reflections in the time of the pandemic

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post reflections in the time of the pandemic

A question that keeps popping up these days is… ‘weren’t we all moving so, so fast?

That is, before Covid-19 – before a time where most of our daily routines had to be turned upside down, when we were yet not aware of what pausing our lives really meant, before being asked to stay at home, before us contemplating when and which travel plans to cancel or postpone, before really knowing what ‘quarantine’ really felt like, and before we had to limit, reduce, review and ‘lighten’ our daily social circle to do our bit for the safety of ourselves and those around us.

As we have all had to slow down for once, many may have realized that life still goes on even without all those constant meetings, appointments, errands, and all those busy bits and bobs that kept us on our feet throughout the day for days on end.

Some seem to miss those busy times, while others enjoy a certain sense of liberation and freedom in the simplicity that now characterizes their daily routines.

It is often expressed as having found time to do all those things that are important for us, that keep us happy, while also having the time and space to reflect on, to ponder and wonder about the past, present, and future.

One must not leave personal circumstances out of the equation obviously. Many of us simply cannot afford to endure such a pause, let alone enjoy it. Those fortunate enough to be able to sustain such a situation for a limited time period, to create and make something out of this pause, can then enjoy the simple luxury of finding joy in “making do with what we have”.

On a personal level, though challenged on various occasions, I made an effort to utilize this pause to create opportunities, personal as well as professional. Priorities definitely transformed, some areas and ideas found ground fertile enough to flourish, while others were altered, paused, or renewed.

I am a strong believer in the common – yet I think so wise – saying that ‘every obstacle happens for a reason’. I have tried to utilize this way of thinking to get through current challenges. Mutually applying this way of thinking with generous doses of patience and reflection, can often lead to great things.

For the Gods Gifts Boutique project, it was yet another way of evolving further. New categories were created, new bonds were forged and new ideas were introduced – all coming your way soon.

An important undertaking I re-discovered is that attempted by the Sustainability Movement.

That is, supporting renewable energy, placing values of well-being over growth, and suggesting the making of business and personal decisions while taking into consideration their long term environmental impact.

Let us all use this time to reflect …

To grieve our losses,

To spend time to get to know ourselves,

To find delight in every day,

To sense our feelings,

To plant seeds,

To Reflect on our own values.

Love & Blessings,


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  1. Billy says:

    Stay safe , stay calm . Use this situation as an opportunity to evolve through inner peace .

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