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Reflections in the time of the pandemic

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post reflections in the time of the pandemic

A question that keeps popping up these days is… ‘weren’t we all moving so, so fast?’ That is, before Covid-19 – before a time where most of our daily routines had to be turned upside down, when we were yet not aware of what pausing our lives really meant, before being asked to stay at […]

Protect Your Loved Ones

Gods Gifts Boutique Protect Your Loved Ones heartfelt message covid diaries girl laying under merino wool blanket

A heartfelt message to all of you .. Protect Your Loved Ones. As I reflect on the current state of Our World I felt a need to share with you my thoughts and feelings. While we currently all seem to face substantial changes in our life as we know it so far; I could not […]