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Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes

Gods Gifts Boutique Christmas 2020 Happy Holidays and warm wishes

HO – HO – HELLO! Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and sending my Warmest Wishes: May your holidays be filled with love, contentment and wonderful memories. THANK YOU 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but I am so grateful for your orders, I can’t begin to tell you. I really worked my socks off to […]

Fun facts about knitting

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post fun facts about knitting

Here are some fun facts about knitting that you might not know … I know I didn’t! Nobody knows exactly how old knitting is. The only thing we know is that knitting is younger than weaving, but older than crocheting. Knitting was originally only for men. The first Knitting Union was organized in Paris in […]

Extractive, Sustainable, Regenerative & Fast Fashion

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post on Sustainable fashion

‘Extractive’, ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Regenerative’ are all different modes of working, living, and creating, in what we conceive as the wider life spectrum. Becoming aware of these philosophies and how they could influence our society and our world in general in the long term can often guide us through our choices. Ultimately, it is in our […]

What size blanket should I choose?

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post what size blanket should i choose

A couple of questions that keep popping up recently are… what is the difference between a lap throw and a single blanket? …how about between a bed runner and a blanket? Choosing between them is indeed a frequent riddle!  I therefore want to take the opportunity to properly delve into the matter discuss these different […]

10 Reasons to Love Merino Wool

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post reasons to love merino wool

I simply consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to work with the infinitely charismatic material that is Merino Wool. I also sometimes feel its fascinating positive qualities tend to be a little overlooked. So here are some major reasons why I love Merino Wool so much. #1: It is reeeeeally soooooft! This natural fiber […]

Reflections in the time of the pandemic

Gods Gifts Boutique blog post reflections in the time of the pandemic

A question that keeps popping up these days is… ‘weren’t we all moving so, so fast?’ That is, before Covid-19 – before a time where most of our daily routines had to be turned upside down, when we were yet not aware of what pausing our lives really meant, before being asked to stay at […]

Protect Your Loved Ones

Gods Gifts Boutique Protect Your Loved Ones heartfelt message covid diaries girl laying under merino wool blanket

A heartfelt message to all of you .. Protect Your Loved Ones. As I reflect on the current state of Our World I felt a need to share with you my thoughts and feelings. While we currently all seem to face substantial changes in our life as we know it so far; I could not […]

Gods Gifts Boutique

Gods Gifts Boutique popup store eshop handmade items

Gods Gifts Boutique is a cross between a unique e-shop, a distinctive, enduring and constantly evolving popup store, and a chic private collection. My aim is to present exclusive collections of premium personal and household items, guaranteed to impress you. To be able to treat yourself and others with pieces that are elegant, yet also […]