The Sustainable Face Masks

Gods Gifts Boutique Sustainable face masks collection

Wearing sustainable face masks is a simple, yet most effective way, to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and society as a whole from the Covid-19 pandemic, while also protecting the planet from excess and harmful waste.

Once upon a time, many of our elders were called to go war in order to preserve human life, and society as we know it today. Presently, we are all called to stay home as much as possible, while also wearing a mask when outdoors, again to save human lives and ensure we return to our normal way of life as soon as possible. One thing is for certain: #WeCanDoThis!

The primary and most important function of a face mask is to adequately limit the spread of droplets emitted into the air from a person’s mouth and nose. This function is most effective only when everyone wears a mask.

Gods’ Gifts’ handcrafted sustainable 3-layered face masks are non-medical grade masks. They are made from 100% cotton for you in my boutique workshop. All masks include an outer layer, a lining layer, a filter pocket for you to insert the filter of your choice (for example a medical grade face mask – not included), and an optional nose wire.

They are washable and re-usable, contributing to the reduction of waste accumulated in landfills, reducing our carbon footprint and helping the planet survive. In addition, this considerably reduces the cost for you, your family and your loved ones remaining appropriately protected throughout the pandemic.

The 3-layered sustainable face mask can be made either with an elastic ear loop, or a head tie. By default, they are made with an elastic ear loop. Should you prefer a head tie, kindly specify it on your order using the drop-down menu. Don’t be shy, we all have our preferences!

I, for one, personally prefer the head tie. I guess I find it more secure & snug on my face. It also feels like my ears carry less weight (adding earrings, sunglasses/glasses, headphones and a mask may be quite challenging for them J). One of my best friends vows passionately for the elastic ear loop. Having said that therefore, always check out what feels ideal for you!

Always handmade for you with love, care and attention.