10 Reasons to Love Merino Wool

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I simply consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to work with the infinitely charismatic material that is Merino Wool. I also sometimes feel its fascinating positive qualities tend to be a little overlooked. So here are some major reasons why I love Merino Wool so much.

#1: It is reeeeeally soooooft!

This natural fiber is much more advanced than those old and itchy woolen items some of us remember from our childhood. In fact Merino fibers have a small diameter, giving the wool flexibility to softly bend when pressed against your skin, therefore preventing any itchiness.

Let me put it this way: would I be able to knit so much if it was scratchy, even at the slightest? J

#2: It is Hypoallergenic!

In fact merino wool is itself hypoallergenic. The fine fibers of merino wool make it so incredibly soft, that they eliminate any skin-irritating properties sometimes experienced when wearing wool garments.

In plain words: being hypoallergenic means it is also a wonderful fiber to use around babies and their sensitive skin; it will be not only very safe but also pleasantly gentle for them!

#3: It is a natural performance material … aka unique!

Some of the Merino Wool benefits include: anti-wrinkle, stain, water and odor resistant and flame-proof.  All incredibly important factors when it comes to household items.

Off course, throwing a Merino Wool creation in a fire pit or pouring a bottle of red wine on it won’t really work … but with small drops and spills you really will be ok. This fiber is actually genius!

#4: Merino wool is breathable and temperature regulating … !

The smart active fibers of the wool react according to your body temperature and help send away odors!

Plain and simple: it keeps you warm during the winter, cool during the summer and keeps moisture out in the air and away from your body, accompanied by any unwanted odors.

Remember when some grandparents chose to wear woolen undies even during the summer? Well, as is usually the case, they knew what they were doing!

#5: Merino wool is the undisputable master when it comes to felting!  

Merino wool, comes in all shapes and sizes and felts better than any wool out there – especially in water. As with all woolen products, pilling will occur … this is not a fault. Even though all my products made from unspun merino wool are hand felted, pilling will still happen. But the more you use your product, the more friction occurs, your chunky knit creation will felt itself on the exterior, while still staying soft. Furthermore the pilling will slowly be reduced. It can easily be removed by gently pulling the little bumps with your finger, or carefully shaving it off. You can then pat your blanket down, a bit like stroking a kitty, and friction will lock the fibers in … This process is a kind a way to hand-felt.

One could even go as far as to say that Merino Wool is self-healing! J

 #6: Elasticity could be Merino Wool’s second name.

Merino wool fibers and their natural elasticity allow garments to stretch and then return to their original shape.

So when you order your blanket or bed runner, believe me when I say there is no reason to stress too much about the exact size fitting your bed! You can ‘play around’ with the blanket, find the right spot, while it can maintain its shape.

#7: So many colours!

Natural Merino Wool comes in 3 colors: white, grey and brown. But guess what … it dyes amazingly well, thus offering such a broad palette of available colors.

Now the challenging part will be choosing your preferred color!

#8: It is Durable!

Wool has been around for centuries, and has always remained in style. The material itself is long lasting and durable when compared to other materials. Wool fibers can bend 6 times more than a cotton fiber before they reach breaking point.

100% Merino wool does often have a somehow elevated price tag, but in reality it is a very wise investment!

#9: It cares about Planet Earth!

Wool in general is 100% natural and sustainable! The wool I use is ethically harvested by regulated farmers who love their sheep, believe strongly in animal rights and are committed to running healthy sheep programs. Moreover, wool is not washed frequently so it also benefits the environment by requiring less washing cycles.

I not only eat organic, always fight for animals rights, and commit to recycling, but I also try to have a sustainable wardrobe as well. Feel free to join me by choosing wool over other fabrics.

#10: It is also as ecologically disposable as it gets!

At the end of their cycle all woolen products can not only be returned to the earth, but also do so with positive consequences. While most synthetics decompose extremely slowly, if they ever break down at all, and affect the environment in various negative ways, a natural woolen fiber when disposed in the soil will take a very short time to break down. It will quickly decompose, while also releasing valuable nutrients in to the soil!

Merino fibers are light years ahead, having foreseen the current ecological crisis and serving as one very beloved solution when it comes to our wardrobe choices. J

Love & Blessings,


P.S. Did these reasons just make you fall in love with Merino wool? Let me know in the comments below